ChloroFill® develops fiberboard panels made from hyper-renewable sorghum stalks. These sustainable panels are an alternative to bamboo plywood and other engineered wood products. ChloroFill panels are cost competitive and high performance building materials with interior design, furniture and construction applications. ChloroFill's renewable, formaldehyde-free panels are made in the heartland of the USA.

ChloroFill® develops renewable, socially responsible, non-toxic building materials. Our green product attributes include:

  • Sorghum is an abundant, rapidly renewable agricultural resource
  • Reduced agricultural waste
  • Reduced carbon emission from agricultural burning
  • Naturally resists pests and erosion
  • Reduced impact on forests
  • Provides income for subsistence farmers
  • Improved Breathing Air


  • Furniture
  • Architectural Materials
  • Door Cores
  • Floor underlayment
  • Wall & celling coverings
  • Cabinetry
  • Industrial Products
  • Sheathing
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

[DurahStyle SE#1001]

Whitewash Stained
[DurahStyle SE#1002]

Cherry Stained
[DurahStyle SE#1003]

White Stained
[DurahStyle SE#1004]

Walnut Stained
[DurahStyle SE#1005]

Chocolate Stained
[DurahStyle SE#1006]